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soeryadjaya_edwin                                    Roary Stasko

                                    Launch Director and

                                    Group Senior Director, Corporate Strategy & Planning

                                    Ooredoo Myanmar



Roary Stasko is the Launch Director for Ooredoo in Myanmar. In this role, Roary is responsible for leading the companywide project management organization, which leads, monitors and tracks the rollout of the business in Myanmar. Additionally, Roary is responsible for the development and implementation of Digital Services, including all initiatives around Mobile Money, mWomen, mHeatlh, mEducation, mAgriculture and Ooredoo’s Innovation Incubator (IdeaBox). Roary is part of the Ooredoo Myanmar Executive Committee.

Roary has been with the Ooredoo Group since 2010, prior to joining Myanmar, he was the Group Head of Corporate Strategy and Planning. Roary has been working in the telecom sector for the past 8 years and has over 15 years of consulting and management experience. Roary holds an MBA from Georgetown University and a BA in economics from Colby College.