Marshall Pacific Rim Business Forum

Steering Committee

QiWei Chen
Chairman, ABC Holdings
Chairman and Managing Partner, ABC Capital

Dr.Chen, Qiwei is a well-known expert in international finance and investment banking in China. He is the Chairman of ABC Business Corporation and Director of the China Venture Capital Research Center. In addition, he is a professor at the AnTai College of Economics & Management Shanghai Jiao Tong University, a council member of the Association of China Economic Restructuring, and a senior advisor to the National Foreign Exchange Management Bureau, China Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank.

Dr.Chen has written dozens of papers and articles that have been published domestically and overseas on international economy and regional development.

As a result of ABCs outstanding performance under Dr. Chen's leadership, and due to Dr. Chen's senior advisory positions to several provincial governments in China, he has many resources and much influence in Chinese governments both in Beijing and in the other provinces. Dr.Chen, Qiwei has led many highly regarded M&A transactions, restructurings and investments, and is widely regarded as one of Chinas leading business thinkers.