Marshall Pacific Rim Business Forum

Planning Committee

Michael J.S. Lee
President and CEO
Hana Microfinance Limited

Michael Lee is CEO and President (Managing Director) of Hana Microfiance Limited, established in 2013 and acquired the license from Myanmar government in 2014 for the development of Myanmar’s grassroots economies. Mr. Lee has been in charge of strategic planning and volunteering activities for Smile Microcredit Bank, the apex body of microcredit institute founded in 2007 in Korea and officially renamed in 2009 for microfinance and social business-fostering.

Mr. Lee has been teaching microfinance and social enterprises for undergraduate and MBA programs at various universities in Korea including Yonsei University, Korea University, Hanyang University and KAIST.

Immediately prior to joining Smile Microcredit Bank, Michael Lee served as CEO of P.T. Bank Hana (formerly P.T. Bank Bintang Manungal) in Indonesia, which operates in commercial banking and microfinance businesses.

Mr. Lee has an extensive experience of more than 35 years in financial industry covering investment banking, commercial banking, insurance and microfinance. He assumed various senior positions in Hana Bank and also served as CEO of Allianz Hana Life Insurance, a joint venture between Allianz Group of EU and Hana Bank of Korea.

Mr. Lee is also a director of Hana Foundation, set up by Hana Financial Group, and a member of the executive committee of Social Enterprises Network in Korea. Assuming these roles, he has been focusing on activities for elderly-and-child care and promotion of social entrepreneurship.

Mr. Lee earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics at Yonsei University in Korea and MBA from the University of Southern California.