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Managing Director
Capital Services Group South East Asia

John Sheehan is Managing Director, South East Asia, for the region’s longest established, internationally-rated independent special servicer, Capital Services Group. The Group’s main activities include: loan and asset servicing and collection, real estate investment management, bad bank advisory, loan
restructuring and distressed debt investment.

John has been domiciled in Asia since 1993 during which time he has worked on banking assignments in four continents. After the 1997 Asian Crisis, he became an Executive Director of former U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers, based in Bangkok, London and Istanbul. With Lehman, he undertook distressed debt asset acquisition from banks and governments, non-performing loan servicing, high-yield corporate restructuring, commercial and residential loan origination; as well as principal investment in real estate and structured finance of mortgage securities.

He worked with Lehman until August 2008, investing USD2 billion of proprietary capital, specializing in underdeveloped and newly emerged market jurisdictions. During his career, John has worked through market crashes & recoveries in different jurisdictions on over 20 different occasions.His jurisdictional experience includes Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, Thailand,
Taiwan, United Kingdom and Vietnam.

John is an acknowledged international expert on bank loan portfolios. In 2011, he published his first book in the United Kingdom, called Optimising Distressed Loan Books, believed to be the first of its kind in the distressed debt industry.
In response to a lack of distressed debt training globally, John created a range of special servicer training courses designed to maximise NPL recoveries and minimize bank losses. In 2013, heteamed up with RICS Asia to offer a new series of training seminars for property professionals to help them provide more effective support and assistance for distressed banks throughout Asia.
John has also established Distressed Debt Servicing, a specialist training organization which delivers educational and training programmes redominantly to financial institutions, bad banks, asset management companies and special servicers to help them improve non-performing loan collections.

He is regularly quoted in the international press on economic and banking issues concerning Southeast Asia and is a popular public speaker.