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Note2 about E-Visa Process (from website)

1. Regarding the information of eVisa is on website and the information of restricted area on

2. You can apply as following procedures:
(a) Your passport validity must have at least (6) months.
(b) You have to present one color photo (4 cm X 6 cm) taking during (3) months and return ticket.
(c) Length of stay is (28) days from the date of arrival in Myanmar.
(d) You can pay application fee, US$ 50 by using Visa, Master, Credit/ Debit.
(e) You will not refund whether eVisa is granted or not.
(f) We will reply the information if we receive application or not within (1) hours.
(g) The processing time is maximum (5) working days for granting eVisa or not.
(h) The validity of eVisa approval letter is (3) months from the issued date. If it is expired, entry will be denied.

3. If the applicant mentioned children under (7) years old who is accompany with him, you have to put the name of that child, date of birth in the minor block of the application form.
4. The applicant should complete individual personal data whether passenger is FIT or package tour.
5. Duration of visa validity you can only use single entry. Do not allow to enter again.
6. For initial, passengers with eVisa are only permitted to enter at Yangon International Airport. We will announce the extended plan on time.
7. If the decision is not allowed to entry, you may return by the same flight.
8. Ordinary passport holders from the following countries are giving visa exemption for 14 days-
(a) Laos
(b) Vietnam
(c) Philippines
(d) Cambodia
(e) Indonesia
9. The following (41) countries are granted eVisa

1. Australia
2. Bangladesh
3. Belgium
4. Brazil
5. Brunei
6. Cambodia
7. Canada
8. China
10. Denmark
11. Egypt
12. Finland
13. France
14. Germany
15. India
16. Indonesia
17. Israel
18. Italy
19. Japan
20. Korea, DPR
21. Korea, Republic
22. Kuwait
23. Laos
24. Malaysia
25. Nepal
26. Netherlands
27. New Zeland
28. Norway
29. Pakistan
30. Philippines
31. Poland
32. Russia
33. Saudi Arabia
34. Serbia
35. Singapore
36. Spain
37. Sri lanka
38. Switzerland
39. Thailand
40. Turkey
41. United Kingdom
42. United State of America
43. Vietnam